About Smith Environmental Solutions

“These guys are top notch fellows.”  - Some client

Smith Environmental Solutions Inc. is a locally owned, family operated Indoor Air Quality Company. We specialize in identifying, reducing and eliminating airborne contaminants that directly contribute to poor indoor air quality. Since our inception in 2006, our objective has been to educate our clients on the various ways that environmental mold can affect the quality of their health, homes, and work places.

By selecting us to be your trusted indoor air testing company, we pledge to effectively listen to your concerns, treat you with respect, and be diligent in solving your air quality issues.

Daniel Smith was born and raised on a farm in the historic city of Williamsburg, VA where his inherent love, appreciation, and curiosity for nature first took shape. On the advice of his father, Daniel converted his passion for elements of the natural world and helping people into what is now Smith Environmental Solutions, Inc. He holds certifications as a Residential Indoor Air Quality Inspector, Residential Mold Inspector, Indoor Air Quality Specialist and Asbestos Building Inspector. Daniel believes in empowering each client with information on the causes of mold, pro-active prevention, and awareness that circumstances such as visible mold and odors, leaks, floods or excess moisture require the attention of a professional.