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Indoor air quality

As experts in the indoor air quality field, our mission is to bring “The Solution to The Pollution.” Indoor air quality can be compromised by the introduction of common airborne contaminates such as seasonal germs, unidentified bacteria, spring pollen, household dust and environmental mold (enter hyperlink). These airborne pollutants often trigger upper and lower respiratory illnesses among children, the elderly and those who have compromised immune systems, as well as allergy and asthma suffers.

Although the needs of every client vary, through our experience we have found it best to use a systematic approach, which consists of active listening, utilizing equipment that is technologically advanced and developing a comprehensive plan of action to address our clients concerns.

With over 12 years of experience, SES, Inc. has successfully traversed the indoor air quality world and the multitude of complex and sensitive scenarios that develop within it. We do more than simply test for mold. We recognize that one of the most effective ways to protect the health of the people in the communities we serve is by ensuring healthy indoor conditions. Make health the priority of your home and family, call us today!


Environmental Survey

To identify and report signs of potential mold growth along with conditions that are conducive to mold growth as evident to the inspector on the day of the inspection. This is a non-intrusive, visual examination that includes visual and readily accessible components and systems. This inspection does not identify physical detects with in systems. This service includes a detailed report with recommendations only.

A Certified Mold Inspector collects a minimum of 3 samples to determine:
● Mold spores at elevated levels
● A source of fungal spores
● Assess structural damage(s) due to fungal exposure

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Mold Remediation Protocol & Clearance Report

A plan written by an Indoor Environmental Professional detailing the scope of work and equipment needed to address areas address in a previous inspection.

Post Remediation inspection of general Areas, HVAC systems (if assisible), and sampled areas to verify a successful remediation. Visual inspection, 3 samples, and the clearance report included with service.

In the event clearance fails $75 trip charge will be added for each occurrence in which we must return to test.

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Additional Samples

Samples beyond what is included in a selected service.


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Additional Services

Standard Report

Results delivered 3-5 business days after initial inspection.

Expedited Report

Results delivered in 24 hours or the same day
Cost is per sample

Weekend Service

Services provided on Saturday or Sunday.

Radon Testing

Sampling set up in location of interest

Asbestos Testing

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