The SEs Story

SES is a family business, founded by a man from a small town in Williamsburg, Virginia. Inspired by his father, Daniel Smith started Smith Environmental Solutions (SES) in 2006 with two things in mind: changing the way people value their air quality and offering solutions that can assist with improving indoor air and overall health of his community.

Daniel grew up on what is known today as one of the oldest dairy farms in Virginia. His childhood memories consist of family, playing and church. When Daniel was 5, his home caught on fire and his family lost everything except the clothes on their back and FAMILY. "My family and church family stepped up and helped in ways I couldn't imagine and that's where it all began, my vows to help people in their time of need. That is exactly what SES stands for: Family. We take pride in serving the families in our community by providing them with cleaner and healthier environments.

15+ Years in Business

Since our inception in 2006, our objective has been to educate our clients on the various ways that indoor air quality and environmental mold can affect the quality of their health, homes, and work places.

Our Mission

To bring innovative technology and products to the marketplace that align with our goals for the improvement of the air we breathe while indoors or traveling and to create global awareness about molds and their impact on humans health through education and implementation.

Our vision

To become a leader in the indoor environmental industry and traveling industry, as it relates indoor air quality and mold, through our education, products and services.