As experts in the indoor air quality field, our mission is to bring “The Solution to The Pollution.” Indoor air quality can be compromised by the introduction of common airborne contaminates such as seasonal germs, unidentified bacteria, spring pollen, household dust and environmental mold (enter hyperlink). These airborne pollutants often trigger upper and lower respiratory illnesses among children, the elderly and those who have compromised immune systems, as well as allergy and asthma suffers.

Although the needs of every client vary, through our experience we have found it best to use a systematic approach, which consists of active listening, utilizing equipment that is technologically advanced and developing a comprehensive plan of action to address our clients concerns.

With over 12 years of experience, SES, Inc. has successfully traversed the indoor air quality world and the multitude of complex and sensitive scenarios that develop within it. We do more than simply test for mold. We recognize that one of the most effective ways to protect the health of the people in the communities we serve is by ensuring healthy indoor conditions. Make health the priority of your home and family, call us today!




Indoor Air Quality
& Mold Assessment

-A Non-intrusive Visual Examination

-Identify & Report Signs of Mold Growth

-Identify Conditions Conducive for Mold

-Detailed Report with Photos & Recommendations

*This inspection does not identify physical detects within systems

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SES Mold Testing

-Certified Mold Inspector will Collect a Minimum of 3 Samples

-Samples that may be taken include Air, Surface (Tape or Swab) and/or Bulk

-Determine if Mold Spores are present at Elevated Levels

-Determine if a Source of Fungal Spores are Affecting an Area in which Human Exposure is likely to Occur

-Determine if Structural Damage has Occurred due to Fungal Exposure

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Mold Remediation

-Indoor Environmental Professional Writes the Protocol Based on Findings & Discussions with the Client

-A Guideline that Outlines & Addresses Scope of Work

-Outlines Necessary Areas to be Remediated and/or Cleaned

-Outlines the Proper Equipment & Tools to be Utilized for Remediation

-Mold Remediation Contractors Acknowledge their Understanding of the Protocol with Signature

* Mold Remediation Contractors follow the protocol as it is written, and should not deviate from it unless agreed upon by the client and the Environmental Professional.

*We will recommend the best Mold Remediation Companies in Your Area

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Post Remediation Inspection
& Clearance Report

-Verify a Successful Remediation: Clearances of General Areas, HVAC Systems, and/or Air/Surface samplings may be useful to

-Conduct a Visual Inspection and/or Post Sampling.

 -Post samples include 3 Air and/or Surface and Outdoor samples (depending on what areas are in containment. Multiple air samples and surface samples may be needed.)

*Post-sampling should always be performed if pre-samples were taken, for comparison purposes.

*Clearance samples should always be considered during the following situations; when litigation is involved, when specific health concerns are noted, to assure that mold was successfully removed, if more than 10 square feet of an area are affected, or if a HVAC system have been remediated.

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